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Current FY PPS Rates are Available through LTC Tools.

If you need updated rates, please call us at 916-786-3582 or use the form below

We Can Calculate Your Rates

With your authorization, we will provide you with the following Immediately:

  • We will calculate the current FY Rates for your facility or facilities.
  • We will also calculate the enhanced rates for patients with the AIDS diagnosis.
  • We will provide an explanation of the new rates (component by component)

When CMS Pubmishes the "Pricer" Software used by FI Payment Systems:

  • When the "Pricer" Software is released, generally around October, we will use the system to match the calculations we do for you now. We will deliver a copy of the rates from the official Pricer software and identify any rounding differences.

What We Need From You Now:

  1. Fill out the form below for each facility you need rates for.
  2. Specify how you would like your rates and "pricer" rate confirmations delivered.
  3. Authorize the processing of your order.

NOTE - Rates will be the same for all facilities in any given county. If you have multiple facilities in one county, we will only charge you for one calculation, but we still need the information below for each facility.